Dr. Pascale Chemaly

-Certified trainer and consultant in the field of marketing, public relations and media. -PhD in Visual Dramatic Arts (television). - Master's degree in multimedia cinema and television - Master's degree in marketing. - Teaching in different universities in Lebanon, in various fields of marketing. - Public Relations, Communication Arts and Media.

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Language:  English (US)

Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes


Marketing is the process of promoting products or services to individuals or other businesses. It includes advertising, selling, and delivering those products or services to the customers.

- Learn about marketing mix (the 7 P's of marketing)

Learn how to design and conduct a customer driven marketing strategy. -

-  Know who are the target audience for the product or service

- Designing a Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

- Marketing Mix

- Consumer Buying Behavior

- Personal Factors

 An online course that you can attend at any time that suits you with high quality. -

- To complete the rest of the course, kindly click on Join the course at the top of the screen or subscribe.

- After completing the course and attending it completely, a window will appear, write your name in both Arabic and English, and you will get the certificate directly.

- Certifications are accredited. Issued by the signature of the trainer and the management of the center.

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