• Dr. Kassem Saleh
    Dr. Kassem Saleh

    - Dr. Saleh has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa, Canada.
    - He was a Software Design Engineer at Northern Telecom and a Computer Systems Specialist at Bell Canada.
    - A Professor in Information Sciences at Kuwait University
    - Dr. Saleh has published about 130 journal and conference papers and one textbook on Software Engineering and has presented tutorials, lectures and invited talks at conferences and universities
    - Dr. Saleh holds professional certifications in software engineering (IEEE-PSEM), information security (ISC2-CISSP), project (PMI-PMP) and risk management (PMI-RMP), quality engineering (ASQ-CQE, ASQ-CSQE) and business analysis (PMI-PBA)

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Language English (US)
Time 2 hours 8 minutes


In project and program management, something can and will go wrong. Even successful projects must identify, assess, and mitigate risk. Solid risk management best practices are critical to delivering projects that adhere to timeframes, budgets, and quality requirements. You will learn different approaches to risk management, including how to rank and respond to risk, monitoring and controlling risk, and communicating risks throughout the project lifecycle. Risk is inevitable—but it doesn’t have to completely derail your project’s success.


·         Apply scalable planning methods to prepare for project risk management

·         Prepare a risk management plan to guide your risk approach

·         Identify project risks by using different identification tools

·         Integrate risk management techniques and results into a balanced project management approach

·         Use multiple techniques to identify and document risks

·         Perform qualitative risk analysis to prioritize risks for response and monitoring

·         Perform quantitative risk analysis to assess risk to the overall project cost and schedule objectives

·         Incorporate expected value, probability, and distribution into your risk analysis

·         Estimate and characterize the impact and timing of risks on your project

·         Determine and implement appropriate risk response strategies based on risk analysis

·         Monitor and control identified and emerging risks based on the risk management plan and project execution results

·         Communicate risks effectively to all project stakeholders



1.      Introduction

2.      What is Involved in Project Risk Management?

3.      Risk and Risk Management Terminology

4.      Risk and Risk Management Terminology – Part Two

5.      Planning for Risk Management and the Risk Management Plan

6.      Identifying Risks and the Risk Register

7.      Analyzing Risks Quantitatively and Quantitatively

8.      Risk Response Planning

9.      Risk Response Planning – Part Two

10. Monitoring Risks and Implementing Risk Responses

11. Concluding Remarks and What to Do Next

Target Audience:

Whether you have vast experience in recruitment or just starting out, this program will be of benefit to all. It will be of particular benefit to those who want to explore opportunities for improving their current recruitment and selection process in their own organization as well as building upon their existing personal skills.

Course mechanism:

 An online course that you can attend at any time that suits you with high quality. -

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    • What is involved in project risk management?
      17 minutes
    • Risk and Risk Management Terminology
      23 minutes
    • Risk and Risk Management terminology - Part Two
      9 minutes
    • Planning for Risk Management and the Risk Management Plan
      14 minutes
    • Identifying Risks and the Risk Register
      7 minutes
    • Analyzing Risks Qualitatively and Quantitatively
      12 minutes
    • Risk Response Planning
      18 minutes
    • Risk Response Planning - Part Two
      11 minutes
    • Monitoring Risks and Implementing Risk Responses
      5 minutes
    • Concluding Remarks and What To Do Next
      5 minutes