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-He holds an Expert Certification in Marketing and Business from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom and a BA in Electrical Engineer from Northrop University in Los Angeles. (Team Coach) Author, Participant, and Team Coach - Practical experience for 30 years in the banking industry (13 years), communications (7 years) and talent development (from 2008 to now). -Participate in developing the use of bank cards and various services for individuals according to the target market segments. -He obtained certificates in multiple disciplines such as training, consulting, change management and project management to develop talent, develop leadership and facilitate simultaneous learning.

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Making a sale can be tough. Sometimes, to be successful, your retail teams need access to every sales technique in the book. Of course, it helps if you have a great product. But when they’re trying to sell that product to a customer, it doesn’t look good if the customer knows more about it than your team. 

That’s when good product knowledge can help. With good product knowledge, your retail employees will understand the items they’re selling, what the products can do for your customer, and even what their limitations are. When your teams know your products inside out, they’ll be able to sell with confidence and answer any questions your customers may have. 

         Benefits of good product knowledge 

         How to improve your product knowledge 

         How to use product knowledge to boost sales 

1.       Introduction 

2.       Course Objectives 

3.       The Different Retail Banks Types 

4.       What is a Product? 

5.       Product Life Cycle 

6.       Process of Adoption 

7.       The 5 Product Levels 

8.       Current Account 

9.       Saving Accounts 

10.  Investment Product 

11.  Mutual Products 

12.  Lending Products 

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