The 3 Principles of Cyber-Security and Accountability


Dr. Kassem Saleh

- Dr. Saleh has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa, Canada. - He was a Software Design Engineer at Northern Telecom and a Computer Systems Specialist at Bell Canada. - A Professor in Information Sciences at Kuwait University - Dr. Saleh has published about 130 journal and conference papers and one textbook on Software Engineering and has presented tutorials, lectures and invited talks at conferences and universities - Dr. Saleh holds professional certifications in software engineering (IEEE-PSEM), information security (ISC2-CISSP), project (PMI-PMP) and risk management (PMI-RMP), quality engineering (ASQ-CQE, ASQ-CSQE) and business analysis (PMI-PBA)

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Language:  English (US)

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes


Cyber-security is the use of protecting computer networks, applications, devices, and data to prevent them from destruction or cyber-attacks.

-         Gain knowledge about securing both clean and corrupted systems, protect personal data, and secure computer networks

-         Understand key terms and concepts in cyber law, intellectual property and cybercrimes, trademarks and domain theft.

-         Understand principles of web security.

-         Understand principles of web security.

- The 3 Principles of Cyber-Security and Accountability

- Misconceptions About and Benefits of Cyber-Security

- What Can Go To Assets? And Categories of Security Problems

- What Can Go To Assets? And Categories of Security Problems

- Step 1- Cyber-Security Stakeholders & Step 2-  Business Impact Analysis

- Step 3- Cyber-Security Objectives and Requirements & Step 4- Selection and Integration of Cyber-Security and Risk Management Framework

- Step 5- Cyber-Security Project Planning & Step 6- Planning for Cyber-Security Contingencies

- Step 7- Implementing Cyber-Security Controls & Step 8- Creating a Culture of Cyber-Security

- Step 9- Continuous Cyber-Security Maintenance & Step 10- Continuous Cyber-Security Improvements and Maturity

- Final Thoughts

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