The Selection Process, Assessing Soft Skills Competencies


Dr. Waleed Al yaziji

-PhD in Human Resources Management from the University of Los Angeles, California. -President of the Higher Institute for Banking Studies. -A certified manager and trainer in several fields. -He has more than 25 years of practical experience in the United States of America, Europe and the Gulf countries in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as in the petroleum and industrial sectors. -He holds many professional certificates accredited SPHR, CII

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Language:  English (US)

Duration: 44 minutes


This practical course provides participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job.

By the end of the one-day training course, the participants will have:

  • Recognised the importance of adopting a structured recruitment process as well as the use of relevant selection methods
  • Screened candidates’ CVs or application forms using an agreed selection criteria for a job role. In addition, to identify any anomalies for further research
  • Prepared for a first stage selection interview to ensure they create the right first impressions and candidate engagement
  • Asked effective questions as well as accurately assess the candidate’s potential suitability for the role

- What is a Soft Skill

- The Selection Process

- Problem Solving

- Creativity

- Persuasion

- Testing and Background Check

- Referring Candidates

- Ask Candidates to list the Soft Skill

- Ask Candidates force rank their soft skills

- Ask References force rank their soft skills

- Give them problems

- Give them a temporary project

- Make them do the job and watch

- An online course that you can attend at any time that suits you with high quality. -

- To complete the rest of the course, kindly click on Join the course at the top of the screen or subscribe.

- Certifications are accredited. Issued by the signature of the trainer and the management of the center.

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