Dr. Waleed Al yaziji

-PhD in Human Resources Management from the University of Los Angeles, California. -President of the Higher Institute for Banking Studies. -A certified manager and trainer in several fields. -He has more than 25 years of practical experience in the United States of America, Europe and the Gulf countries in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as in the petroleum and industrial sectors. -He holds many professional certificates accredited SPHR, CII

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Duration: 14 minutes


Finding and hiring the right people is often cited as the number one concern of businesses today. It seems we are all competing for the best and brightest workers. As you will see in this course, a critical component of the People Manager Value Proposition is to hire talented people who enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals. This course is an introduction into the topic of recruitment, selection and on boarding. At the outset of the course we will explore the importance of linking recruitment goals with overall company strategy. We then look at a number of options to recruit and select employees both effectively and legally. Throughout the course we will examine current issues in talent acquisition, such as how companies are now leveraging social media and hiring analytics to ensure better quality hires. At the conclusion of the course, we look at how to onboard employees to promote employee commitment and engagement.

- If and when new hires are needed and how to align them with company goals and objectives

- Putting together a great job posting to attract the best talent

- Screening methods and techniques to identify the best possible candidates

- How to conduct effective interviews and select the best candidate for the job

- The role of a hiring manager and how they can be most effective

- Where to look for talent and which tools can be used to help the process

 An online course that you can attend at any time that suits you with high quality. -

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- After completing the course and attending it completely, a window will appear, write your name in both Arabic and English, and you will get the certificate directly.

- Certifications are accredited. Issued by the signature of the trainer and the management of the center.

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