Stress Control

Stress Control

Dr. Juliet Dinkha
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Stress control



Stress is a normal reaction the body has when changes occur. It can respond to these changes physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Even positive life changes such as a promotion, a mortgage, or the birth of a child produce stress. 


Targeted Audience:

Anyone who has a physical health condition and wants to learn techniques to manage the stress this can cause.


Course Objectives:

·        Understanding stress, normalizing symptoms

·        Controlling your body

·        Controlling your thoughts.

·        Controlling your actions

·        Controlling panic feelings and Sleep.

·        Wellbeing and looking to the future.


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  • Dr. Juliet Dinkha

    Dr. Juliet Dinkha

    Dr. Juliet Dinkha
    - U.S. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    - Associate Professor at AUK.
    - Specialized in young adult and adults suffering from variety of psychological issues especially, depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, identity and Trauma.
    - Dr. Dinkha is very active in the community with teaching, research, has her own podcast and engages in variety of virtual lectures and trainings.