Introduction of Corporate Governance


Dr. Reyad Daghlas

- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering Management Warren National University, Cheyenne, Wyoming - Certified Project Management Analyst (CPMA) - Quality Control Analyst at Kuwait Airways. - Diploma in Air Transport Management - Chelsea College of Aeronautical Engineering, UK

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 Language: English (US)

 duration: 1 hour 13 minutes


The Corporate Governance  program is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of corporate governance and help boost their effectiveness on a corporate board.

Corporate Governance program explores the role, structure, and responsibilities of corporate governance to help you succeed as a board member. This program will enable you to:

- Define the board’s role and responsibilities as well as characteristics of successful board leaders

- Ensure proactive governance and learn how to prepare for potential risks

- Recognize key considerations of compensation and succession planning

- Define strategies for board members, executives, and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integrators to respond to conflicting demands and societal challenges to their organization

- Plan for how to manage the competing interests of stakeholders and shareholders

- Introduction of Corporate Governance
- Rules and Principles
- The 6 Principles of Corporate Governance
- Code of Governance Principles
- Tension
- Models of Governance
- ESG and CSR
- Conclusion

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