The Art of Managing Investment Risks


Amr Sarhan

-Experience of +12 years in the investment, finance and accounting fields. - CFA Charterholder. - Master in Finance from Saint Mary's University - Canada. -Holds professional certificates, CFC (certified financial consultant) and CISI (Fundamentals of Financial Services and International to Securities and Investments).

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 Language: English (US)

 duration: 1 hour 45 minutes


Welcome to "The Art of Managing Investment Risks" training course! In today's dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape, the ability to effectively manage investment risks is paramount for success. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricate world of risk management within the realm of investments.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of risk management

Gain familiarity with the fundamental framework of risk management, including its key components and methodologies.
 -  Distinguish between various types of risks, including financial and non-financial, and identify their impact
Acquire the skills necessary to measure risk exposure accurately using appropriate quantitative methods and tools.

Understand the concept of VAR and become proficient in its calculation to make informed risk management decisions.

Learn strategies for managing risks within constraints and making informed capital allocation decisions.

- Introduction To Risk Management

- Framework of Risk Management

- Financial/Non Financial Risk

- Measuring Risk Exposure

- Modifying Risk Exposure 

- VAR Calculation 

- Weakness of Parametric Method

- Historical and Monte Carlo Simulation 

- Applications of Risk Measures (1)

- Applications of Risk Measures (2)

- Constraints and Capital Allocation Decisions 

- Artificial Intelligence (1) 

- Artificial Intelligence (2)

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