ISO 22317: 2015 - إرشادات لتحليل تأثير الأعمال


د. قاسم صالح

- حاصل على درجة الدكتوراه في علوم الكمبيوتر من جامعة أوتاوا ، كندا - مهندس تصميم برمجيات وأخصائي أنظمة كمبيوتر - أستاذ علوم نظم المعلومات بجامعة الكويت - نشر حوالي 130 بحثا في مجلات علمية وكتاباً دراسياً عن هندسة البرمجيات, وقدم دروساً وكحاضرات في الجامعات والمؤتمرات - حصل على شهادات مهنية في هندسة البرمجيات, أمن المعلومات, إدارة المشاريع وإدارة المخاطر, هندسة الجودة, وتحليل الأعمال

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اللغة: English (US)

المدّة: ساعة 40 دقيقة

مقدمة عن البرنامج

This international standard is a technical specification which provides detailed guidance on how to establish, implement, and maintain a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process. It does not suggest a uniform process for performing a Business Impact Analysis but assists the organization to design a BIA process that meets their requirements. Organizations cannot certify their BIA to ISO 22317; however, they can use it as a guidance to effectively implement a BIA process. ISO 22317 is the first and the only standard which solely addresses the Business Impact Analysis. It is designed to complement ISO 22301; nonetheless, it can be used as a stand-alone standard.  The aim of Business Impact Analysis processes is to analyze the actual impact of a disruptive event on the organization

The implementation of ISO 22317 will enable you to reach the following benefits: 

·  Acquire knowledge on how to identify and establish the relationship between products, processes and activities

·  Acquire the necessary skills to adjust the organization’s Business Continuity program scope 

· Understand better the needs of partners and other interested parties

· Increase the ability to identify legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and their impact on Business Continuity requirements

· Comprehend the concept, methods, tools, and techniques required for maintaining a BIA process.

1.       Purposes and outcomes of the BIA process

2.       Structure of ISO 22317:2015 standard

3.       Clause 4: Prerequisites

4.       Clause 5.1: Introduction to the BIA process

5.       Clause 5.2: Project Planning and Management

6.       Clause 5.3: Product and Service Prioritization

7.       Clause 5.4: Process Prioritization

8.       Clause 5.5: Activity prioritization

9.       Clause 5.6: Analysis and Consolidation

10.  Clause 5.7: Obtain Top Management Endorsement of BIA Results

11.  Clause 5.8: Business Continuity Strategy Selection and Clause 6: BIA Process Monitoring and Review 

12.  Conclusion

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